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Giving birth can unleash us, it can light us up, and it can connect us with women and babies around the world.  This is a virtual collection of birth stories—all kinds—to empower and inspire women to claim the power of this potent transformation.

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My Traumatic Birth

My birth story for my second baby is far from a beautiful, smooth journey.

I’d been having extremely bad panic attacks for weeks, especially when someone mentioned the baby and I didn’t know why. I slowly started mentally declining but brushed it off as hormones and continued with my day to day life. I’d been sick through this whole pregnancy, as I had with my first and I’d had cholestasis with both as well. I was due on the 15th of July, but to be induced on the 23rd of June, which was something I was upset about as I knew this was our last baby and I’d never experience naturally going into labour or being able to experience the start of labour at home.

On Tuesday the 18th of June I’d been feeling a little down. My partner, myself and our 20-month-old hopped into bed and watched a movie while they fell asleep. All of a sudden, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, my mind was screaming that I would die or was dying, my body was weak, and I was hysterical, all while throwing up. My grandmother woke up and I grabbed a bucket and sat on her bed, she rang my mum and helped me make it through the night until my obstetrician appointment that was booked that morning. I’d told her how I was feeling, and she prescribed me some medication and reassured me that there were mere days until my pregnancy would be over. My mind started to reject the thought of having another (which sounds terrible I know) but something was telling me I simply could not have my baby.

I’d spent the rest of the day, in my nans bed, violently ill and by 10pm that night we called the maternity ward and I went in. I was met by a lovely midwife, she immediately put me in bed with a sick bag and diagnosed me with Hyperemesis Gravadarium. She tried everything as I declined and instructed my grandmother to stay near the phone just in case. She said in 15 years of being a midwife in 3 different countries I was the sickest she had seen.

The following days were a blur. I was kept in a quiet room, the shared bed kept empty. They had instructions on the door to not bring me food due to nausea, the blinds were kept shut and the light off. I couldn’t move, speak or even clench my fist for them to take blood tests.

My partner spoke to the head doctor. He said if I had not come in sooner, I wouldn’t have survived, they would induce me that night. My body was rejecting being pregnant, therefore my mind followed, my baby sucking the life out of my body to fight for her own and they were on the verge of losing us both.

“I can’t have this baby” was the first full sentence I’d said in days. The doctor stood there and rubbed my hand, explained the Cervadil procedure and that I wasn’t going to get better if I was induced that night. I’m not even sure what time they’d started. I was straight back to sleep as soon as they left.

It was 5 am when I woke up in excruciating pain. I was having close contractions. Right as I was trying to reach for the bell the first midwife that had greeted me came running in, holding my hand while I said I couldn’t do it, she rang my house phone and at 6 am my mum and partner arrived.

I’d demanded the epidural from the start, I was so weak, tired and ill. The put the epidural in before doing the paperwork for it but hadn’t connected it. A midwife checked and I was 6cm dilated. From her checking and saying she was going to the desk to check something, my mum walked out to make phone calls outside and hadn’t even made it off the maternity ward before I started to push. My partner rang the bell and my midwife came in yelling at others in a hurry to get everything ready.

My waters broke and within 5 minutes, with the epidural still not connected, our youngest daughter was born 4 weeks early and extremely stressed. All my symptoms washed away almost instantly. She had some breathing and latching issues and according to doctors we’ll never be sure if she was 5 weeks early due to how she was acting. She spent two weeks in NICU before coming home. I’ve developed PTSD from being so sick and going through so much to get our girl here. I know though, those midwives and doctors truly saved my life and I could never repay them. They are amazing and every single time I witness one of my girls go through a milestone, I think of them, and the fact that they are reason myself and my second daughter are here.

3rd baby, first time natural

September 16th 2019, it was a good evening. I wasn't expecting to go into labor in the middle of the night, it was earlier than my original due date. My due date was September 24th 2019, i was nervous and kinda scared because Liam is my 3rd but its been a while my...

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Mika’s Birth

By November 9th, 2019 it felt like I had been pregnant for years. Most of the day I felt fairly normal, until around 4:30 in the afternoon I had to use the bathroom and realized that I couldn't stop peeing. Of course, it wasn't all pee. I had begun to leak water....

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Preeclampsia emergency birth

Subconsciously I knew I was pregnant the day you were conceived but never fully sure having not felt this feeling before, 3 weeks passed and I was driving home from work and knew I needed to check for sure, it was a solid positive! I called your dad at work straight...

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The Fast Homebirth of Esmé

It all started on Sunday, April 28th. I really wanted to go on a walk, so I told Patrick we should go on a short, mellow family walk on the Junction Creek Trail. We decided that Silas would ride his bike on the trail while Patrick and I walked, and we had a nice...

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A Numerical Birth Poem – finding peace

I would like to begin by saying that I have planned and thought about being a mom for a long time. When I was 7 years old I met my friend from Taiwan named Emily and I wanted to have a daughter named Emily. We ended up having identical twins, Emily and Emma. This is...

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Jordyn’s Story

“We’re going to go ahead and have Baby.” The nurse finally entered my room with a game plan. These words still resonate with me. I was filled with such emotion at this time. I was exhausted from 9 challenging months of pregnancy. I was anxious for the next steps. I...

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Nicole’s Story

Arista’s birth started slowly on a Tuesday morning with some bloody show. I woke my husband up at 6:00am to tell him, “I’m in labor. You may want to finish your dissertation now.” He got up fast, got dizzy, and went straight to work. After a day of baking and light...

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Ebony’s Story

My DJ was born on Thursday, December 15, 2016. I remember like it was just yesterday. It's an experience I'll never forget. My water broke at about 6:00 on Wednesday morning. I was rushed to our local hospital, then transported to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville,...

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Lisa Lee’s Story

Not every pregnant woman is willing to talk about their emotional state and what really happened on the day they were about to give birth to their first born, but I'm not afraid to put myself in a vulnerable position. After all, pain and hardship is what makes us...

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Christel’s Story

My son Milo was born into my own arms, with my husband standing beside me. My water broke at 2:00 am and he was here by 3:15. That’s the short story, but the longer version is much more interesting. Lyric, my first, was a week late. Everyone assured me that wouldn’t...

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