September 16th 2019, it was a good evening.

I wasn’t expecting to go into labor in the middle of the night, it was earlier than my original due date. My due date was September 24th 2019, i was nervous and kinda scared because Liam is my 3rd but its been a while my other two are older now Zoey is 5 and Allen is 4, but i was ready to meet him for sure, my labor started at home. Contractions started around 6 or 7 pm and kept getting worse so around 10pm i decided to call in talk to a nurse at the hospital i didn’t want to go in for a false alarm. I was told to take tylenol drink water and lay on my side for an hour, of course my husband thought i could make it until the next morning to be honest i did to. But after the hour went by of taking the meds and drinking water and laying on my side and crying in pain i decided to try to go to the bathroom because i was getting worse so as im trying to get to the bathroom i start feeling worse pains i was yelling and crying at this point thats when i decided it was time to head to the hospital. So i told my husband and had my grandma call my husbands grandpa to take me to the hospital, on the phone he told my grandma he was on his way so she gets off the phone and we go outside to wait i start feeling worse pain at this moment, so i had her call him back because i was getting to were i couldn’t handle it as she was calling he was coming around the corner i try to hurry to get in the car i made it, but i was worse mind you my hospital was 45 minutes away and i had no clue how dilated i was at that moment, the contractions were horriable very painful the only way i could handle them was to breathe and try to focus on what was about to happen and soon id be holding my son Liam, i had a natural birth and it was my first natural birth, so i was scared i didnt think i could do it but i wanted to as i was going through labor all i could think was how painful it was and how it was worth it even though it hurt that i just needed to focus of the doctor and nothing more i was surprised i did it. i had my 3rd baby natural, it was a miracle what i got to do even though i hurt when i seen my baby it changed i felt relieved i did something that amazing and big it was a buddle of love and pain together, but natural is a good thing i dont regret it at all i had to push maybe about 8 or 9 times and then there he was a health boy no problems, when i first seen him he was perfect. He looks like his daddy it was love at first sight after i had him and i seen him i was so happy for doing it natural i was relieved to. One more thing i remember my doctor talked me though the whole thing and because of doctor Brandon Wilson i had an amazing natural birth. Liam was born September 17th 2019 at 1:19am in the morning. One more thing when i arrived at the hospital i was 7cm dilated.

Shania winn