I would like to begin by saying that I have planned and thought about being a mom for a long time. When I was 7 years old I met my friend from Taiwan named Emily and I wanted to have a daughter named Emily. We ended up having identical twins, Emily and Emma. This is part of the story. My husband is from China, and I credit the entire story partly to the little girl inside.

“A Numerical Birth Poem – finding peace”

5 years, paid off the house,
5 years married;
5 years ready.

8/13/2012 ready to make a baby,
8/13/2012 #first time worked;
8/13/2012 when did the egg split?

20 weeks ultrasound,
20 weeks discovery;
20 weeks twin girls!

36 weeks adjustment,
36 weeks friends’ dads’ funeral;
36 weeks preterm premature rupture of membranes.

42 hours of grief,
42 hours of questioning;
42 hours of mother-regret.

10 bags of pitocin,
10 bags of “What did I do wrong?”
10 bags of strength.

1 doula,
1 obgyn;
1 miraculous team.

7:28 pm. Baby A,
7:32 pm. Baby B;
7:33 pm. a mother is born.

4/20/2013 a miracle of switching Baby A and Baby B,
4/20/2013 no epidural; (woo hoo!)
4/20/2013 natural birth.

30 years of planning,
30 years of preparation;
30 years of delight.

3.5 years of breastfeeding,
3.5 years of perseverance;
3.5 years of giving the best.

Infinity that “everything happens for a reason,”
Infinity of perseverance;
Infinity of mother love.

– Amy