We got married when we were 29, and we wanted to enjoy our married life, and give time to each other and understand each other more. Hence, family planning was not on our list for a couple of years, and I was also using birth control pills, to be on the safer side.

And after a few years, when couples in our friend circle were having babies, we thought this might be the time or us also, to start a family. But we didn’t know how much time it would take for us. After trying to conceive naturally for 6 months, we thought there might be some issue. Hence, I started searching a lot over the internet, about infertility, or how to get pregnant, what changes should I adopt etc.
But I was firm, and then I started using an ovulation calculator, to keep a track on my ovulation days. We even adopted healthy patterns, and my husband even quit smoking and drinking. But month after month, when I was getting my periods, my discomfort increased. I even started feeling envious sometimes, when I saw people playing with their kids. I always thought, ‘Why am I not able to get pregnant?’

I even started to avoid family functions and gatherings, so I don’t have to answer their questions, like, When are you having a baby? Are you planning or not? and so on.

I thought maybe learning more about problems related to infertility might help. But now I didn’t want to sit back, and wait for the things to happen on their own, I wanted to do something, try harder.

And then I consulted an IVF specialist. We discussed our fertility history with her and even went for some medical tests. I had my sonography, blood test and hormone test, my husband also had his sperm quality and quantity tests, and after the reports came, we had a session with our doctor. Any specific reason was not found for our problem. Hence, we first started our treatment with IUI. But as it wasn’t successful we went for IVF. Probably this was our last chance, as we were exhausted even financially, and couldn’t have been able to afford another round.

We were very disturbed, emotionally. The tension between us grew day by day. Sometimes it felt like, Is having a baby so important, that in the hope of a child, we have lost all our happiness? and so we started taking counseling sessions.

After a few days, when the hormone injections and everything were done, the doctor called to give the good news. Finally, my pregnancy results were positive. That day, we cried in joy. And now everything feels worth, all the pain, the efforts, and the struggle, everything was worth it when we saw our little daughter.

Vaani Minhas